'A Spark at the End of Summer' is a psychedelic journey
through the near future of an alternate past.

It is the year 2025. The Earth's nations have put forth
a massive effort to win the 'Molecule War', locking down
swathes of society with invasive technologies and
unscrupulous surveillance.

Caught in the middle is Michael Twion, a brilliant young lad who
just wants to eat manna and work on his artificial life creations.
When his disc-jockeying friend Rynn Erowid convinces him to
try the elusive and illegal 'Vitamin D', their conversation is
tapped and they become swept up in a torrent of fate.

Police are after them, but so are members of 'The Symmetry',
a mysterious secret society. To top it off, some bum off the street,
Jeremy Vale, has managed to run off with a copy of blueprints
to 'Daisy', Michael's powerful virtual consciousness.

In the end, what awaits is far more than they
could ever imagine or comprehend...