Thoughts on the Academy Awards of 2014

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Gatsby won all awards it was nominated for… shame that it wasn’t nominated for more… was the perfect movie for the Oscars!  Imagine a Gatsby-themed Oscars.  Instead they had a Gravity-themed Oscars.  Gravity, a movie that relentlessly showcased what is possibly the most annoying trailer of all time.  What were they thinking?

Was glad to see Cate Blanchett win for Blue Jasmine.  That, along with The Great Gatsby, were two of the best movies I’ve seen last year.  Also both actors from Dallas Buyers Club were worthy, and while I thought the movie was nauseating and boring, I can’t fault the acting.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen many movies from late 2013, which, again, the nominees slanted heavily towards.  If Gatsby were released later in the year I’m certain it would have been nominated for Best Picture.  But the memory of voters is fickle.  Honestly, with the amount of incredible movies constantly being released, they should split the awards show to twice a year.  They’ve doubled the amount of Best Picture nominees, so why not halve them and do two shows?

Anyways, all of this is unrelated to my books, but… I have a secret wet dream that Baz Luhrmann picks up a copy of Spark, chops it up into a script, and films a crazy epic out of it.  He’s a perfect match for this material, someone who would make it very colorful and wild.  I realize that science-fiction is not his cup of tea, but hey, it’s *my* dream!

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