Spark: Revision 275
This is the limited hardcover edition. It is no longer available online. Only a dozen copies exist.

Spark: Revision 286
This soft edition with the bright bottom MYTH is a limited run of sixty and was never made available online.
Please accept my apologies for any spelling/grammar errors. I did have an excellent editor, but during the rewriting process more mistakes were introduced!

  • p11
    sniffed and staring [should read: stared]

  • p13
    He quickly turned away from [should read: He quickly turned away]

  • p139
    wisdom and intelligent [should read: intelligence]

  • p243
    adn she gave me [should read: and]

  • p335
    wit his one arm [should read: with]

Spark: Revision 300
Above mistakes are fixed in this latest available revision.

If you find a typo, please report it here.