Work on Third Novel Continues

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Hello again.  It’s been four years since my last update.  Oddly enough, four years since I built my video game.

Now I’m back at this series.  I never really left it.  I have been taking notes as I go.

I’ve been dreaming again of seeing this as a movie, perhaps some ambitious new studio like Netflix or Prime might finance it… not sure because it might be TOO amazing for them.  This series isn’t for everyone, obviously, but it would be an unbelievable showstopper if put to a proper budget.  Also thought of another capable director that would be on par with Baz Luhrmann: Christopher Nolan.  Neither would have time to dedicate their lives to a psy-fi trilogy; I’m just sayin, they’d be capable.

Anyways I’m a nobody compared to the rest of the world.  So it’s all pipe dreams.

Yet I continue to write these novels.  I believe they are best in novel form, as if a movie a lot would be dropped out or lose it’s quirk.

That said I will be seeking agents and publishers to help bring this series to market.

Art work is being contracted for the third hardcover now.

I’m very exciting about this novel, it will be an immense reward for those waiting from the cliffhanger of the second book.

Thank you to any paying attention.  :)

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