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Work on Third Novel Continues

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Hello again.  It’s been four years since my last update.  Oddly enough, four years since I built my video game.

Now I’m back at this series.  I never really left it.  I have been taking notes as I go.

I’ve been dreaming again of seeing this as a movie, perhaps some ambitious new studio like Netflix or Prime might finance it… not sure because it might be TOO amazing for them.  This series isn’t for everyone, obviously, but it would be an unbelievable showstopper if put to a proper budget.  Also thought of another capable director that would be on par with Baz Luhrmann: Christopher Nolan.  Neither would have time to dedicate their lives to a psy-fi trilogy; I’m just sayin, they’d be capable.

Anyways I’m a nobody compared to the rest of the world.  So it’s all pipe dreams.

Yet I continue to write these novels.  I believe they are best in novel form, as if a movie a lot would be dropped out or lose it’s quirk.

That said I will be seeking agents and publishers to help bring this series to market.

Art work is being contracted for the third hardcover now.

I’m very exciting about this novel, it will be an immense reward for those waiting from the cliffhanger of the second book.

Thank you to any paying attention.  :)

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Digital Version of SPARK Available

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‘A Spark at the End of Summer’ is a psychedelic journey through the near future of an alternate past.

It is the year 2025. The Earth’s nations have put forth a massive effort to win the ‘Molecule War’, locking down swathes of society with invasive technologies and unscrupulous surveillance.

Caught in the middle is Michael Twion, a brilliant young lad who just wants to eat manna and work on his artificial life creations.  When his disc-jockeying friend Rynn Erowid convinces him to try the elusive and illegal ‘VitaMind’, their conversation is tapped and they become swept up in a torrent of fate.

Police are after them, but so are members of ‘The Symmetry’, a mysterious secret society. To top it off, some bum off the street, Jeremy Vale, has managed to run off with a copy of blueprints to ‘Daisy’, Michael’s powerful virtual consciousness.

In the end, what awaits is far more than they could ever imagine or comprehend…


The softcover is expensive, making it a tough sell.  The hardcover is very expensive, making it a rarity!  So I have made available a PDF version of the first novel.  It is available via the front page:


Every so often, I’ll be releasing a chapter of the book for free in PDF format.  Hopefully about once a week. The first chapter is up here:

Hope you enjoy the story!


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Thoughts on the Academy Awards of 2014

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Gatsby won all awards it was nominated for… shame that it wasn’t nominated for more… was the perfect movie for the Oscars!  Imagine a Gatsby-themed Oscars.  Instead they had a Gravity-themed Oscars.  Gravity, a movie that relentlessly showcased what is possibly the most annoying trailer of all time.  What were they thinking?

Was glad to see Cate Blanchett win for Blue Jasmine.  That, along with The Great Gatsby, were two of the best movies I’ve seen last year.  Also both actors from Dallas Buyers Club were worthy, and while I thought the movie was nauseating and boring, I can’t fault the acting.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen many movies from late 2013, which, again, the nominees slanted heavily towards.  If Gatsby were released later in the year I’m certain it would have been nominated for Best Picture.  But the memory of voters is fickle.  Honestly, with the amount of incredible movies constantly being released, they should split the awards show to twice a year.  They’ve doubled the amount of Best Picture nominees, so why not halve them and do two shows?

Anyways, all of this is unrelated to my books, but… I have a secret wet dream that Baz Luhrmann picks up a copy of Spark, chops it up into a script, and films a crazy epic out of it.  He’s a perfect match for this material, someone who would make it very colorful and wild.  I realize that science-fiction is not his cup of tea, but hey, it’s *my* dream!

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What is the Third Title?

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What is the Third Title?

Third title yet to be made public, so as not to spoil the fun.  I love to create absurd titles.  Sure, the bestsellers will be called “Fire” or something vague and cool, but I’m not writing books to hit it big, I’m writing them to create a unique experience that interests me, and my interests aren’t typically aligned with the mass market.  So this final title will be the craziest and most pompous yet.

If you look at the trend in the usage of pronouns in the titles, you might notice a pattern.  “A Spark at the End of Summer” uses “the”, while “These Fall Colors Must Rot” uses “these”.  The third book will make use of another pronoun to separate itself as a distinct title.  Of course, it will also have a seasonal tweak to it.  Why seasons?  Well, I suppose I was inspired by early Dragonlance novels as a child.  I highly treasured these covers:

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Dragons of Winter Night

Dragons of Spring Dawning

Personally I really love the title “These Fall Colors Must Rot”.  I know it rubs many people in a funny way, but I don’t care.  What other title starts with “these”?  It’s in-your-face and abrupt.  To me the title symbolizes the disintegration of summer beauty, and in a way much of the novel is a similar journey into degradation, although nothing matching the true power of nature.  It means that the wonderful colors and dreams of autumn must eventually and unavoidably be melted down for the reuse of the world to feed the next generation, for good or ill.

SPOILER WARNING: But even though this novel gets quite dark and disturbing at times, the third novel is definitely not.  Both the first and second novels are a buildup to the third, which is when the “Creation War” takes place.  I wonder if any readers noticed that the war was not even mentioned at all in the second book, and why.  It’s a bit of a joke, because that’s what the wizard asks Michael to never forget at the end of the first.

BTW, the featured image for this post is an early plotcraft for book two.  There is a similar one for Book Three but I do not want to post any spoilers!


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These Fall Colors Must Rot

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These Fall Colors Must Rot

Book Two

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